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Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Never would we have guessed that 2020 would find us in this extreme situation and lifestyle. In the same way, we can have no idea what our children will face in their lifetime. That's why it's critical that we help our children know God personally and provide discipleship through His word, helping them to navigate whatever may come their way.

Our AWANA year will begin "virtually" as we continue to provide Biblical instruction and individual/small group time. As the year progresses and local school restrictions lessen, we hope to be able to meet in person. However, for the foreseeable future, this is how AWANA clubs will look.

*Leaders will continue to work with clubbers, but each parent also takes on leadership as they support their child.


*Since our meeting time will be over Zoom, and since many families have more than one club level in their home, each club will meet at different times, with individual times being arranged for leaders to check with clubbers on their progress.

Because remote instruction is most difficult with preschoolers, we will be suspending our Cubbies Club at this time. Hopefully, AWANA clubs will be able to meet together later this year. At that time, a shorter Cubbie "year" may be possible

Sparks (6:30-700) Opening, activity time, lesson time, prayer time

During their 30-minute group time, very short lessons (5-10 minutes) will be provided by our leaders. There will also be activities and prayer time. However, since Sparks work in their handbooks at their own pace, often each Spark is working on a different lesson. Leaders will meet to work with them individually (10 minutes) via Zoom/Face Time/ telephone to discuss their verses. 

It is SO important this year that parents plan at least 15 minutes each week to study the verses with their child.

When the leader calls, they will be hoping that the spark can recite the week's verse. If it's not possible at that time, Sparks may continue to practice and then recite verses to their parents later.

T&T (7:00-7:30) Opening, activity time, lesson time, prayer time

This year, after clubbers complete the Start Zone, T&T will be in the handbook called Grace in Action. This group will meet in a "large group" to watch the lesson together via Zoom. Lessons are 5-10 minutes in length which will be followed by a brief overview of the handbook pages. T&T clubbers will also get to take part in a weekly activity and prayer time. In total this will be 30 minutes or less. At a separate time each week (10 minutes) leaders will meet with clubbers via Zoom/Face Time/telephone to discuss their verses and handbooks. It is hoped that clubbers will have their pages completed and verses memorized at that time. If they aren't quite ready at that time, clubbers will finish up their handbook pages and verses and be checked by a parent. 

Trek (7:30-8:00) Opening, activity time, lesson time, prayer time

Trek will be working in the His Story handbook this year. Trek club will meet together remotely for game time, lesson, and to examine the handbook pages. Separately, each clubber will meet with the leader (15 minutes) via Zoom/Face Time/telephone to discuss the handbook pages and verses. It is hoped that clubbers will be ready to be checked at that time, but if it isn't possible at that time, clubbers may be checked by a parent

For more information please contact:

Imperial Community Church

300 West Barioni Blvd. Imperial, CA 92251

(760) 355-2345

Pastor Jim Simpson (619) 277-2500

Julie Malan, AWANA Ministry Director


(619) 473-8608

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